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We all need a beacon of hope when the seas of life are tumultuous.

Beacon at Sea Counseling LLC

Let us be there for you.

Many of us struggle through the challenging times in life and seeking treatment is often a courageous first step towards change.


Our goal is to provide compassionate, trustworthy, and nonjudgmental support, as we partner together on a journey of coping, healing, and thriving. 

Heavenly Sky


Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

We understand the situations that may have led you here were not necessarily easy.  Know that taking this step is a sign of significant courage and strength.  We are here and look forward to taking the next step together with you.  Together we can then explore your relationships and other patterns in life. That exploration leads to insights and understanding, geared toward discovering new ideas and finding healing/growth.

Clinical Supervision

Parent Coaching

Being a parent is hard!  Together we can work on learning skills to improve communication, discipline, enhancing your relationship with your children, as well as offering self care and support for yourself.  

Parent Coaching

Clinical Supervision

Whether you are a new graduate going for your clinical license or a clinician with years of experience, having a certified clinical supervisor is an important way to sharpen your skills and maintain the ongoing support you need to be the best clinician you can be.   

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Offering virtual sessions for adolescents, young adults, and adults throughout NY & NJ

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